Strengthen Your Security Response and Defenses While Controlling Costs and Maximizing Resources


Managed Services


Davos Networks provides customized managed security solutions to fit your company’s unique security posture, budget and timeline. We take a tailored approach to every client we work with, carefully matching our services to your current and future needs.

Our fully-managed security operations services provide 24/7 monitoring and response services, giving you peace of mind that your data is safe around the clock.
Our co-managed or hybrid SIEM service allows your company to retain control over your existing cybersecurity, while sharing information with our team to provide an additional layer of coverage.

Our Capabilities

  • Effectively monitor the security of your environment
  • Improve your security posture efficiently and effectively
  • Achieve greater visibility and simplify reporting
  • Quickly identify, analyze and respond to potential security threats
  • Maximize your security technology investment
  • Focus existing staff on your core business needs

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